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AXOR stands for luxury in the bathroom and kitchen with the highest technical and aesthetic standards. High-quality basin taps, bathtub fittings and shower systems are just as much a part of the AXOR range as soap dispensers, towel bars and other accessories. To give you a good overview of AXOR product range, we present you on this page the manufacturer's highlights and new products. Also, we regularly update the site with special offers that will help you save money. Visit this site often to make sure you don't miss anything! Learn more about AXOR.


Axor designs mainly faucets, showers and accessories for bathrooms and kitchens, but also bathtubs and washbasins (in Massaud and Urquiola product lines) are part of the extensive product range:

Basin Taps

Shower Systems

Bathtub Taps

Bidet Taps

Sink Taps



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As a brand of the well-known manufacturer Hansgrohe, Axor sets new standards in terms of individuality to the bathroom. Together with designers and architects, individual bathroom concepts are created that follow the motto "Form Follows Perfection". The products should be perfect, and they are developed until nothing more can be added. The design partners include Phillipe Starck, Jean-Marie Massaud and Phoenix-Design, after whom the product series are also named.


The brand Axor from Hansgrohe stands for exclusive design and individuality. In 1993, it successfully conquered the market and has added since then Hansgrohe's product range. Axor represents the changing function of the bathroom from a simple place of personal hygiene to an attractively designed bathroom. Each designer contributes his or her own views and ideas to the brand.

The brand Axor is very keen on individual bathroom planning. This is shown that special surfaces and colors as well as individual inscriptions such as logos, coats of arms or symbols are produced on request and are offered for greater user-friendliness. In addition, Axor offers custom-made faucets that exactly conform the desired length.

Choose your favorite color and visit our shop to find your desired faucet. If you have not found what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you.