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If you’ve been using a regular shower you’ll definitely feel the difference a shower head provides. It rejuvenates and relaxes the body and transforms your regular shower into a spa-like experience. >>Read more

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The main advantage of using shower heads is its versatility, it can be installed in any sort of bathroom whether it be luxurious or a cosy one. Another striking feature is its built quality and appearance that catches a lot of attention. How about getting it installed right in the centre of your bathroom?

The shower head also comes with different settings which you can adjust according to your requirements. You can either choose a power shower and get pressurised water flow or change it to the mist setting, for that soft and soothing experience. Your head showers come with adjustable options, it allows you to put the spray at an angle that is more suitable for you to use.

While making your purchase, make sure that you pick something that has a good surface finish, preferably has a stainless steel body - just for the fact that it does not corrode, and one that will enhance the look of your bathroom. Sometimes also referred to as head shower sets or rain shower heads, these come in under a variety of color, sizes and shapes - thus giving you ample opportunity to make the best of choices.

Perfect designs from trusted sellers

Give your baths a classy makeover with choicest of varieties

As a buying reference, you must know that a good rain shower head mostly comes in square or round shapes with several holes ensuring even and steady water flow. But this might not just be enough, if it additionally comes with a pulse mechanism then it definitely will enhance your shower experience to another level. Our range of showers for overhead installation come in an abundance of colours such as Chrome, Chrome / Moon White, Matt Black, Chrome / Gold, Matt White / Graphite, Polished Stainless Steel, tainless Steel Brushed, Stainless Steel Polished, White / Chrome.

Head showers are designed to give your baths a classy makeover. Most of the modern commercial properties have migrated from using the old shower systems to shower heads now. With this kind of installation, you will amp up the overall look of your bathroom making it more luxurious and elegant. Got a manufacturer you trust? You can buy your most liked shower piece from a manufacturer of your choice such as AXOR, GROHE, Hansgrohe, Steinberg and many more.

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