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Smart electronic basin taps for your modern baths

Shop for the intelligent series of basin mixers that work completely touchless

Personal hygiene is an important aspect in everyone’s daily living, and thus we bring you contactless electronic taps and faucets for your modern bathrooms. Apart from being hygienic, it also is an eyecatcher and intelligent utility in your baths. As an add-on it helps save water too. An electronic water tap is in first instance generally preferred by customers to improve hygiene and prevent water wastage. >>Read more

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These are self-closing devices, and come with an adjustable thermostat and an infrared light sensor. This helps turn the flow of water on and off, whenever a motion is detected near it. Electronic bathroom faucets are also operated through a control panel, many of which can also be programmed with your preference of water temperature. At xTWOstore, in addition to Electronic Basin Taps we also sell several types of faucets that include Showers & Bath Taps, Shower Trays and Enclosures, Washbasin Taps & Faucets, 1-Hole Basin Taps, 2-Hole Basin Taps, and Wall-Mounted Basin Taps.

Earlier, electronic basin taps with infrared light sensors were often found in public and commercial bathrooms. However, with the changing times, they are now becoming a popular choice for homes as well. Many of these electronic sensor taps come with a fixed temperature and flow rate, thus making it easy to operate and use. Models built with high-end features are often intended for personal use at homes.

Conserve water with our range of automatic electronic taps

Buy a tap of your choice from tens of varieties while doing your bit in water conservation

What if we tell you that just by installing a smart sensor tap, you can save upto 70% of water that is often wasted in regular taps? Although water conservation isn't a new concept, there has been rising attention on the subject and buyers today take pride in making their contributions towards the same. Doing your bit and saving resources for future generations is a good gesture and new-age buyers are actively taking part in the initiative. Our range of Hansgrohe electronic basin mixers, the GROHE electronic taps, and other series of taps are intelligent products for homes from the house of xTWOstore.

Maintaining your sensor based taps is determined by how the electronics are hardwired and the kind of fitting that these come with. Your concealed faucets go neatly packed inside the walls and are often operated from a control box that is highly functional and self regulating. Amongst all other things, the most important aspect is the ability of these taps to save water effectively. Not a single drop more than what’s required is wasted. Today, as environmental crises are the talk of the town, water efficiency tops the list of all action-controlled automatic taps. You can purchase an electronic tap in Chrome, Blue / Red / Yellow , or Stainless Steel.

You can choose a tap of your choice from our range of top manufacturers that include AXOR, DURAVIT, Geberit, GROHE, HANSA, Hansgrohe, Ideal Standard, Keuco, Steinberg.