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You may not immediately associate the term ‘bathroom’ with the word ‘furniture’ because people tend to focus more on sanitary ware. But this room does have furnishings, and they are important in the overall layout. Many small bathrooms only have a small cabinet, under the sink or on the wall, but these items take up noticeable space and draw the attention of the viewer.
When you’re making renovations, redecorating or building from scratch, don’t forget the furniture. Choosing units with the right look, colour scheme and fittings is important when completing the room’s design. A creaky old cupboard painted in the wrong colours will stick out painfully once the rest of the room is revamped. While you’re changing items like baths and tiles, you should try to leave room in that budget for a new furniture set, too. These items can be worked into a budget easily if you shop around. Try browsing some online stores, where even designer units can be remarkably cheap.>> Read more in our buying guide.

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Designer furniture sets are within reach

When the time comes for you to buy new fittings, a little patience and effort browsing the Internet will always uncover some discount treasures. As long as you plan your design, with some consideration for budgeting and accurately measuring your space for installation, you can minimise the cost of a beautiful new bathroom. Several furniture suppliers offer both designer appeal and value, like Villeroy & Boch, Ideal Standard, Duravit and Keuco, among others.
Villeroy & Boch, in particular, produces a vast selection of contemporary units, including the Subway range in a clean and appealing slate colour. The Hommage series, also from Villeroy & Boch, includes a classic vanity cupboard in hardwood and with glass doors. Duravit produces the Starck range, which has another type of wooden vanity that’s cone-shaped and reminiscent of a tropical hideaway. Duravit’s PuraVida range has some more typical alternatives, with sleek aluminium cabinets built-in. Keramag has a very practical corner washbasin cabinet, part of the Renova series, which would be ideal for smaller rooms. Also consider the 4U range by Keramag for cube-shaped, contemporary units that give the room a futuristic feel.
For something a little different, Alape has the Hochschrank range, including some tall units with a variety of wood finishes. Alape’s Konsol-Auszug under-sink units also feature veneer, sleek and sliding drawers. Keuco’s Edition 400 range is a great choice for those seeking a very sleek and seamless design that incorporates glass into clean white units. The Roval Modular range, also from Keuco, continues the minimalist theme and has several shapes and sizes of wall mounted cupboards.
For some other contemporary options, the furniture made by Ideal Standard is perfect. The Ideal Standard Strada range features some high-gloss washbasin units with chrome handles. Lastly, consider Aquaris if you prefer hardwearing mineral marble and stone. Whatever furnishing choices you go with, remember than cupboards must complement the colour scheme and style of the room as a whole. With a little planning and budgeting, achieving the perfect combination is easy.