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Toilet (from the French word "toile") was originally a simple cloth to protect one's intimacy while relieving oneself. They are now this essential object in our everyday life and are available in different shapes, colours and some models possess even extra functions. Toilets are made up of several elements:


Cistern or Mounting Element for Wall-Hung Toilet

Flush plate

Toilet seat

Urinals and bidets are also very useful complements and have found their places in modern bathrooms. >> Read more about toilets in our buying guide. 

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The toilets
Exposed and concealed flushing cisterns
Modern and functional flush plates
Toilet seats for your comfort
Practical urinals
Bidets for impeccable hygiene
Our biggest brands

The Toilets

Several versions are available:

Closed Coupled, Wall-Mounted and Back to Wall WCs
The traditional closed coupled toilet is composed of a pan and a cistern visibly mounted behind the seat. Its counterpart, the wall-mounted toilet, has however become increasingly popular. Indeed, fixing the pan to the wall clears the floor, making it easier to clean. The cistern and the pipes are concealed behind the wall, giving a neat and ordered appearance to your bathroom. Additionally, the mounting frame allows you to adjust the height of the hung toilet, which can be useful if children or elderly people live in the house. The back to wall toilet stands on the floor but has a visible or concealed flushing cistern. The latest is favoured as it is less cumbersome.

Washout or washdown toilet
The washout pan is characterized by a kind of tray that receives faeces. It is mainly used in hospitals because it makes it easy to collect patients' stools. The washdown pan is hollow and filled with water so that the stool falls directly into it, masking odours.

Besides, some cuvettes are rimless. The toilet is then easier to clean and it also reduces water consumption. Therefore, both economic and ecological reasons exist for choosing a toilet without rim.

Some brands developed so-called Japanese toilets which considerably improves personal hygiene and replace your bidet. Shower toilets are equipped with an adjustable shower head to make you feel fresh again after duty. Often a dryer is included so you can skip buying toilet paper. Many additional options are available.

If you wish to learn more about shower toilet, click here.

Exposed and concealed flushing cisterns

Most of the time, the flushing cistern needs to be ordered separately. The choice is uncomplicated with a closed-coupled toilet as the matching model is proposed. Back to wall toilets can be equipped either with an exposed or concealed tank whereas hung WCs are equipped solely with concealed flushing cistern. The latest also provides a fixing frame for hung toilet. Nowadays, concealed models are preferred because they save space and hide the ugly pipework behind the wall.

A wide selection of exposed and concealed tanks are available in our shop.

Modern and functional flush plates

The flush plate is used to activate the flushing mechanism on models of toilets or urinals with a concealed cistern.  The plates are available in several shapes, colours and the following materials:



Stainless steel


The plate must be compatible with the concealed cistern. Most of the time, both the plate and the wall mounting frame should be from the same manufacturer. There are different types of plates:

Dual flush mechanism 
The dual flush control plate allows you to choose between two flows of water. Depending on your needs, you can minimize your water consumption.

Single flush mechanism
The single flush mechanism does not allow you to choose the amount of water. However, it can feature a start-stop function which will save water and money.

Many manufacturers offer electronic flush plates models. An infrared sensor detects movement and triggers its activation. To learn more about it, click here.


Single flush control plate: one large button

Dual flush control plate: one button for high flow and one button for low flow

Start-Stop function: one push triggers the flush and a second push stops it.


You will find a wide range of actuation plates and related information in our shop.

Toilet seats for your comfort

The toilet seat shall be broad enough and it should be compatible with your pan. The seat can be round like the Duraplus model from Duravit or square like the Water Jewels from Vitra.

Which material? There are seats made of plastic or thermosetting plastic, wood, stainless steel or polyresin.
Some toilet seats feature technologies. Let us mention the soft-close system which ensures a slow and silent descent of the seat and the quick-release system for easy removal.
Finally, there are also shower seats. These are equipped with nozzles to clean its user after duty. For example, Duravit offers SensoWash® shower seats.

A broad choice of toilet seats is available in our boutique. 


Very practical if you have a family with many boys! Ladies will stop complaining that the toilet seat is in the wrong position.
Urinals are available in different materials such as ceramic, plastic or stainless steel. For example, Keramag offers the Pareo urinal with a lid to prevent odours.
You can choose a classic urinal or one with pneumatic triggering. The urinals have a purist design that perfectly match a modern bathroom. Finally, manufacturers have even developed urinals with a waterless suction device, such as the O. novo offered by Villeroy & Boch.

We have a wide range of urinals in our shop. By clicking on the link, you will obtain valuable information for the purchase of your urinal.


At first glance, the bidet looks like a deep sink. It first appeared in France in the 18th century. It is highly appreciated because it improves intimate hygiene.

Wall-Mounted or Standing Bidet
Bidets, like toilets, can be hung or placed on the floor. For example, there is the Legato suspended bidet proposed by Villeroy & Boch or the bidet to be installed. Whatever the version, you will need a support frame. Of course, the form and version depend on taste and needs.

Classic model or modern version
The modern bidet has the advantage of having a swivel nozzle that allows you to clean precisely the area you want, while the classic bidet has a tap to fill the bidet with water.

For your bidet to be functional, you must add the appropriate fittings. You will have the choice between a single-lever or a dual-lever mixer.

You will find a large choice of bidets and bidet taps in our shop.


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single flush control plate: one large button