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A hot bath has soothing properties and contributes to well-being. According to scientific research, bathing can limit depressive moods and contribute to weight loss. Although you shouldn't lie in the tub all day for the sake of your skin, these are the best arguments to look for your new dream bathtub today and have a bath soon.

Freestanding bathtubs are becoming more and more popular in private houses. Whereas only luxury hotels installed this type of bathtub in rooms a few years ago, we can now find them in master suites.

Whether you want to equip your bathroom or your room, you will find all kinds of bathtubs in our online shop. >>read more in our bathtub buying guide


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Bathtub Shapes
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Bathtubs of All Sizes
Bathtub Installation
Bathtub Materials
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Bathtubs of all shapes and sizes have been available for years mainly to meet consumers concern about lack of space. The following shapes may seduce you:

Body shape
As its name suggests, the inside of the bathtub follows the shape of the body. In general, the central part of the bathtub is narrower to increase comfort in the lying position.

Rectangular bathtubs are the most common shape. It can fit almost any bathroom layout and with countless installation options. This shape may look visually massive.

The inside of the bathtub is oval and the ends are slightly flattened for comfort. Whether the bathtub is appending to a wall or freestanding, it brings an elegant touch to your bathroom.

Visually interesting, round baths are a usual form for whirlpools. They are normally standing in large bathrooms and consumes high water volume. Besides, they have less inner space to stretch out.

Semi-circular bathtubs are a good alternative because they take up less space than round bathtubs. They can be placed against a wall, sparing some space while being visually pleasing.

Corner Bathtub
This bathtub sits in a corner of the room to spare space. The inner shape can be round, oval or asymmetrical and different outer shapes allow you to fit it in your bathroom layout. Most whirlpools are standing in an angle of the bathroom. To learn more about it, click here.

The hexagonal bathtub is a variant of the corner bathtub. It is oval on the inside and the edges usually act as a deck for shower products or other objects. The shape of the bathtub takes up very little space as it can be installed in a corner of the room.

Space-saving bathtub
Ideal Standard and Bette are two brands that offer small bathtubs. The bathtubs are between 70 to 90 cm wide and 108 to 160 cm long. To learn more about it, click here.

"Step" bathtub
Also called "sabot" bathtub, this small tub as a seating area inside it which looks like a step. Thus, it is not possible to stretch your body inside it, but for those who thought that their bathroom is too small to have a bath, there is hope! Bette offers several models.

Freestanding bathtub
Freestanding bathtubs are very elegant and come in different shapes. Most of them are round, oval or rectangular. These baths are particularly popular because they can look very individuals with unconventional shapes and materials. Nonetheless, they take a lot of space.

Some baths may have asymmetrical shapes and the drain can be positioned in the centre or on one side of it. You should pay attention to it.


Bathtubs offer many possibilities depending on their equipment:

Bathtubs with Shower Area
Do you have a small bathroom and still want a bathtub? A bath with a shower zone is a good compromise. Often a wider area at one end of the bathtub allows you to set a shower space.

Whirlpools are now more affordable as they were in the past. So, you can enjoy the sensations and relax at home. 

Bathtub with Door
Some manufacturers offer bathtubs with a door. They are specially designed for people with reduced mobility and are very practical, as stepping inside the bath is much easier. The door is watertight and cannot be open while the bathtub is in use. This variant is also particularly practical for a bath/shower combination. Duravit proposes many models.



The size of the bathtub depends mainly on the size of the room. If your bathroom does not allow you to install a standard bathtub, you can still pick a space-saving bath. A standard bathtub measure approximately 153 x 75 cm and a double one measures 180 x 120 cm with a height of about 60 cm. The height of the bathtub, its length and inclination of the backrest are decisive for the lying position and the amount of water needed.

Please note that your filled bathtub can be very heavy and your floor must be able to support this high load. We recommend having the resistance of your floor checked by a professional before installing a bathtub.

If you wish to have a bath with your loved one, besides the size of the bath, you should ensure that the drain is at the centre. This prevents one person from sitting on it. Also, it would be preferable to choose a bathtub with two backrests. Duravit offers the model Paiova which adopts an attractive trapezoidal shape, allowing you to sit side by side. Kaldewei also offers duo bathtubs in the Plaza Duo series.


Even before buying a bathtub, you should think about its installation. In some cases, you will need to prepare your bathroom accordingly. The following installations are possible:

With apron
This is the quickest way to install a bath. Here the bathtub is covered with an apron that matches the material and shape. The apron avoids the need to lay tiles or a wall against the bathtub. Furthermore, the apron can be removed at any time for maintenance or repair work. However, the aprons are not available for all tubs and they do not insulate. 

With Support
The use of brackets requires adjustments so that the bathtub rests correctly on them. Then the tub contour will have to be tiled.

With a wall
Although this is a technique that is used very rarely, bathtubs are sometimes surrounded by a wall. The wall can be designed to fit the shape of the bathtub.

The question that arises when installing the bathtub is whether it has an inspection opening. Without it, maintenance and repair can be complicated. Nowadays, inspection openings are rarely used. If you do not want to do without one, there are possibilities to build an almost invisible one.

If you want more comfort, you can partially recess the bathtub into the floor. In this way, stepping in will not be that hard. Otherwise, you can raise your bathtub on a pedestal and access it with a couple of steps.

Finally, you will find various bathtub accessories in our online shop, like cushions and handles for example.


Bathtubs can be designed in different materials, the characteristics of which may vary.

Acrylic is a popular bathtub material. It is robust and, like mineral casting, can be moulded into various shapes. Thanks to its lightweight, acrylic is particularly suitable for large bathtubs, making them easy to transport and install. Besides, the material absorbs heat quickly and retains it for a longer time.

Enamelled steel
Enamelled steel is a material made of steel and coated with enamel. It is known for its sturdiness and ease of maintenance. On the other hand, it is a relatively heavy material.

Mineral casting
Mineral casting is very suitable for bathtubs because its surface is smooth and the material is a natural heat insulator. Manufacturers have different names for this type of material, for example, Villeroy & Boch has developed a material combining quartz and acrylic resin and the material is called Quaryl.

Ceramics has always proved its worth in the sanitary world. This material is strong and easy-care but is very heavy and may not be suitable for all installations. To make its maintenance even easier, Geberit has developed the KeraTect® glaze.

Thanks to modern technology, the wood does not soak up water and is very smooth. The most common woods used for bathtubs are cedar, cypress, teak, pine and chestnut.

Copper is used very rarely for bathtubs, mostly because it is expensive. It is mainly employed in the wellness and luxury sector. The surface has a patina, which makes the material shiny.

Cast Iron
Cast iron has long been used for bathtubs and is appreciated because it can be painted. Often these bathtubs are supported by legs that can give a specific style to your bathroom.

A glass bathtub brings a special charm to your bathroom by blurring the boundaries between air and water. Shatterproof glass is used, which is easy to clean due to its smooth surface. Bathtubs made of glass are manufactured individually by few companies and usually only on customer order.

Natural Stone
Natural stone is a very noble material, just like marble and sandstone. However, the stone material is very expensive and heavy, which is not suitable for every budget and every bathroom.

Stainless Steel
While stainless steel is very often used for sinks and in public places, it is used very little for bathtubs. Although it is easy to maintain, it has a cold touch and is relatively slippery which tend to speak against this material.

Concrete is nowadays used for modern bathtub design. Thanks to a special coating, the material becomes watertight. However, it is heavy and, surprisingly, expensive.

Bathtubs can be made in different colours such as white, blue, beige, chrome, silver, black and blue. They can also have a walnut, cherry or oak wood finish.

Concerning metal bathtubs, it is necessary to earth them to avoid the risk of electrocution.


Your old bathtub can be used as a decoration in your garden. You can plant flowers in it, fill it with water and put fish in it, convert it into a bird feeder or use it as a bench if you cut it in half.

 If you want to get rid of your bathtub, depending on the material you can recycle it. It can be left at a scrap dealer, bulky or a recycling centre. You can find out how to dispose of your bathtub from the town hall.


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