Buy Mirrors for your bath online for discount prices

When you’re renovating the bathroom or simply redecorating, it’s easy to overlook that one thing that’s always present but you never really ‘see’ is missing: the bathroom mirror. Wall-mounted mirrors that sit quietly in the background are easy to forget about. Conversely, if you only had a cosmetic or shaving sized unit before then you might be surprised to know what you’re missing. A static mirror is a fantastic centrepiece and a boon for any bathroom, especially if the room is shared. When someone else is shaving over the sink, it’s great to have a second option on the wall. Professional decorators will also advise investing in a bigger bathroom mirror to increase the light in the room and make it feel more spacious; you can’t make your room larger without vast sums of money, but you can make it feel larger with just one new addition. Thanks to discount online stores, you can now get affordable mirrors with special features and designer style. >> Read more in our buying guide


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Choosing a top brand for the perfect mirror

You don’t have to do with cheap options from the high street; shop around on the web and you can buy designer brands at reduced prices. There are several producers of bathroom accessories which are both affordable and modern. The brands Ideal Standard, Keuco, Duravit and Villeroy & Boch are among the most popular. Keuco is a smart choice for feature-packed models. The Edition 11 range includes mirrors with LED lights and integrated storage compartments. Keuco also produces a beautiful crystal model in the Elegance range, very contemporary and clear. For minimalist simplicity, Villeroy & Boch have the More to See range that features countless sizes of frameless looking glasses. Villeroy & Boch also knows for the Memento series which has spotlights mounted in oak and an inbuilt Bluetooth sound system, for a truly high-tech room! For a model with lighting and a shelf, try Duravit’s Darling New range. Duravit also make models with decorative coloured lights in the 2nd Floor range, perfect for a colourful room. Ideal Standard has the Connect range for sleek, neutral models and check out Ideal Standard SoftMood for curved, unobtrusive designs that will suit a natural design scheme. Another producer of smart, brightly lit models is Keramag. In particular, Keramag’s Preciousa II range features a model with a striking circular element set within the usual rectangular shape. Alape is known for the Alape Spiegel range which comes in various dimensions and has optional lights in different shapes of fittings. If you like your mirrors heated, consider the Aquaris Sophia which also features elegant strip lights. Whatever type of bathroom mirror you choose, keep a little space in the budget for some extra features and you’ll have a long term investment that really brightens up the room.